Henley Boat Races in Australia

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Henley Boat Races in Australia

We are the organiser of the annual Henley-on-Todd Regatta boat race.

    We Have Consistently Organised the Fairest Competition____

    We are the organiser of the annual Henley-on-Todd Regatta boat race. The race is a form of sailing on dry land in mock reference to the British racing culture during the colonial period. Since 1962, we have consistently organised the fairest competition in Australia and gather hundreds of people to celebrate life and culture.

    ____ Our Activities____

    Our activities include:


    We have various racing competitions. These competitions always provide spectators with whirlwind, super-paced, and action-packed racing and an immersive experience that allows them to feel near the action.


    We strongly believe in the community’s power and therefore give credence to the community that bore us. We associate ourselves with the growth and development of our community. Hence, we organise workshops and training, seminars or conferences, competitions, and social development programs. At the end of every year, at least hundreds of people are positively impacted by our various programs.


    To one person, sailing is a business or profession. To another, it is a mere pastime and hobby. Either way, sailing leaves you with a feeling of excitement and freshness. It is a form of sport for all individuals across the world regardless of any class of distinction. At Henley, we have training sessions for sailing. There is also the freedom to join our training sessions to teach the nitty-gritty of sailing and other forms of water activities.


    At Henley, we provide services that involve youths grooming through a program. Our youth programs cover all investment projects expended on the youths. We acknowledge their past, present and future relevance in the community and therefore, look forward to a better future. Our youth programs cover three essential aspects of life which are education, sports development, and personal and social development.

    Government Policies____

    Government policies are regulatory instructions that check on our activities. They are a set of guidelines that rules out the game of racing at sea. Furthermore, government policies seek to protect sailors and race athletes and eliminate all forms of security threats. It ensures that supporting activities get performed by athletes under a regulated environment that promotes the continued existence of the sport.


    In every phase of life or any activity, growth, and development are paramount. More so that change is the only constant thing. To achieve our goals and aspirations when we set out creating the boat race, we constantly review our plans and eliminate limitations while working on improvements. Thus, we are forever committed to the development of sailing in our community. We look forward to improving the status quo of the boat race.

    Get Involved____

    From our various events such as our e-learning platform to our sailing programs, you can become part of us by sending an application to the information below. There are no strict criteria for selection, nor do we discriminate based on age, gender, race or colour. When you volunteer with us, you expose yourself to a lifetime experience of meeting new people, networking, and learning while having fun and creating a great CV outlook.

    We are therefore sending an invitation to you to participate in our next activities.

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