Henley Boat Races in Australia


Giving Back to Our Community

The community is the bedrock of all activities that take place within it. It shapes the people in it and influences our habits, principles, lifestyle and ideologies. Therefore, our community is what we are, and we are what our community is.

We strongly believe in the community’s power and therefore give credence to the community that bore us. We associate ourselves with the growth and development of our community. Hence, we organise workshops and training, seminars or conferences, competitions, and social development programs. At the end of every year, at least hundreds of people are positively impacted by our various programs.

Our community programs are all-inclusive and friendly to all kinds of people. We eliminate all forms of discrimination based on sex or gender, age, race or other factors. In short, our programs help unite the people and promote the value of cooperation and togetherness.

Our community consists of team members and supporters and the entire population that makes up the living area in which our activities take place. As part of the community, you cheer us! You inspire us! You bring warmth to our games! You encourage us and support us daily. More so, we are constantly motivated by the positive feedback collected across Australia after each event. One of our notable community programs is the Community Regatta Day.

Community Regatta Day

It is a relaxation event that unites family and friends and normally takes place every year. It is full of exciting features. More so, children are not exempted from this fun. It is a time to have fun, rewind and create precious moments.

The melody of the music blasting from instruments corroborates the delicious taste of our meals. Most interestingly, it happens on the bank of a river.

We also render other services such as Boat trips for a fee and organise a free campus tour. Our accommodation and reception services are always on top of their games and hard to beat. There are other events which consist majorly of competitions geared towards development and talent grooming. We recognise the uniqueness in each individual.

Community Infrastructures Projects

We believe in efficiency and achieving a great result when life is easier and maximised. Therefore, we invest in projects that result in provisions of Infrastructures.

Youth Development Programs

We also invest in our youths’ future and, therefore, tailor our programs and investment towards their growth.  We recognise the importance of education and therefore seek to improve and promote this essential service.

However, it is not only about education and sports but a lot of other things. This is the brain behind our development programs. We organise talks, conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events to improve all youths’ personal growth at Henley. Likewise, we envisioned a youth mentoring program to strengthen our hope further and redefine our future.

Finally, our annual boat race festival contributes immensely to the greatness of our culture and tourism services. Every guest leaves with a changed and positive opinion of sailing. Volunteers from various rotary clubs proudly sponsor us.