Henley Boat Races in Australia


Our Actions Towards Development

In every phase of life or any activity, growth, and development are paramount. More so that change is the only constant thing. To achieve our goals and aspirations when we set out creating the boat race, we constantly review our plans and eliminate limitations while working on improvements. Thus, we are forever committed to the development of sailing in our community. We look forward to improving the status quo of the boat race.

We acknowledge that development depends on the skilful acquisition, strategic partnership and connecting with many community teams. We are therefore devoted to this cause. Our development activities cut across the following issues.

Health and Safety

There has been new legislation on the anti-doping law which condemns any drugs used to improve sports efficiency. At Henley, we do not take with levity any regulation and will, therefore establish a framework for training and testing all athletes.

You can ensure good health and safety through other means such as eating of good food containing fruits and vegetables, taking adequate rest, exercising regularly, reduced intake of sugar etc. Our new project would be to create more awareness of this among our members.

Online Learning Module

To foster good education and promote the art of sailing, we have enabled online learning platforms. The aims and objectives are simply to:

  • To serve as a foundational level for new trainees
  • To facilitates training better
  • It makes the job of the coaches easier.

Also, we will consistently monitor this feature and incorporate content on other water activities.

Coaches Forum

Welcome to the coaches’ forum. The coaches’ forum is a meeting of all coaches. It is a known fact that coaches play an essential role in the growth of team members and game performances. Hence, we must enhance our performance through various means, one of which is the reason for the forum.

Thus, the coaches’ forum is a platform that was created essentially to upgrade the coaching profession. Also, since it is a meeting of like-minded people, it provides opportunities to connect and network with one another. Finally, the forum offers a platform for the young to learn and grow.


Due to a recent framework put in place by the National Officiating Program (N.O.P), volunteers can easily be accredited and promoted to Officiating officers’ position. Although that’s on a national level, the club may also accredit any of her volunteering members. Also, accreditation may happen at the state of international level.

Course Calendar

Due to the world emergency and the need to keep the world safe by stopping the spread of Covid-19, we did not hold many activities in 2020. We strongly hope 2021 will be better and will accommodate all the plans we have been making.

In light of this, we will upload our Course Calendar shortly later. Sailing is still every Saturday. We implore you all to stay safe.