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Devonport Regatta

The Devonport Regatta Race

The Devonport Regatta day features numerous activities from ranging from water sports to ground events. It also features performances at local and interstate levels, in a pleasant atmosphere that facilitates camaraderie. The events that would be enjoyed at the regatta include powerboat racing, stage performances, Tiny tot competition, Miss Regatta Competition, Wood Chopping, Roving Street Performances, Sideshow Alleys, Food Stalls, and more.

Where Does the Race Hold?

The Devonport Regatta contains a series of events that take place at Devonport, Tasmania. Precisely along the Mersey River in Devonport. Alternate and more specific names for the locations are Victoria Parade and the East Devonport side of the Mersey River.

When Do the Devonport Regatta Races Hold?

The grand event popularly called the Devonport Regatta will be held on Sunday 28th February 2021. The event commences at 12 am.

What Are the Requirements for General Admission to the Devonport Regatta?

The likely costs for admittance, as drawn to from instances of the near past, are: 

  • $35 for families
  • $15 for a single adult
  • $12 concession price
  • $7 for a single child
  • Free for children under five years of age

How to Locate Victoria Parade/Mersey River?

Victoria Street is one of the major public roads of inner Melbourne. It runs east-west for over six km between Munster Terrace in North Melbourne and the Yarra River. For over one-and-a-half kilometres of its length, between the prominent intersections of Spring Street and Hoddle Street.

A train, bus, or cab ride would quite easily take one to this very prominent thoroughfare.

The Victoria Parade part of Victoria Street is just along the eastern part of the River Mersey.

The Devonport Regatta is a well-known event that attracts competitors from the mainland and around twenty competitors from Tasmania. The heats are limited to just four boats to make sure they fit safely across the river in low tide.

The idyllic view and a myriad of events attract so many spectators as well as participants. The Devonport Regatta is very engaging for everyone.

What Major Races Or Events Does the Devonport Regatta Hold?

  • John Palmer Memorial ‘Cock of the Mersey’ boat race
  • Powerboat racing
  • Dragon boating
  • A Bathtub Derby (in which boat enthusiasts are invited to create a bathtub that floats on water, by adding a motor and then racing this bathtub in the river.)
  • Canoeing
  • Miss Regatta 

Please, note that:

  • Tickets are required for entry to the Devonport Regatta.
  • All dates, and venues, are tentative due to the sensitiveness of a pandemic period.
  • Only registered vessels, competitors and personnel are allowed in the racing zones on the competition day.
  • There are a series of events that anyone can participate in.
  • COVID-19 regulations must be strictly adhered to, and social-distancing exercised.
  • We will examine boats for viability before racing commences.
  • Racers are required to maintain safe speed levels.
  • Tractors will be available for pulling the boats in and out of the water.
  • There are many prizes to be won in different events ranging from water to ground events.