Henley Boat Races in Australia

Diana’s on Derwent

The Diana’s on the Derwent Race

This powerboat racing competition was originally called “Diana’s on the Basin” and was raced at the Diana’s Basin out of St. Helens. This name was changed to Diana’s on the Derwent after the event was moved to Granton. The titles of the races, however, were kept.

Where Does This Race Hold?

The Diana’s on the Derwent racing competition holds at the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania, MYCT, Granton, Tasmania. The Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania typically opens at 11 am.

When Does Diana’s On the Derwent Hold?

The date for this speedboat racing competition is Sunday 10th January 2021. The race would last for an estimated five hours and thirty minutes and tentatively commence at 10:30 am.

What Are the Requirements for General Admission?

Tickets are available at the gates at the likely cost of $15. It is advisable to account for unforeseen circumstances, as this prediction is subject to change. Or better still, inquire at the physical location of the competition.

How Do I Locate the Motor Yacht Club Of Tasmania?

The address of the MYCT is 1 Ford Parade, Lindisfarne TAS 7015, Australia. To get to it from the nearest landmark, the Chemist Warehouse Lindisfarne (which is located at 6 Franklin St, Lindisfarne TAS 7015, Australia), follow these directions:

Following Wellington Road, head south towards Lincoln Street. Lincoln Street is the right turning. Turn right onto it and head-on. Take the left turn onto Park Road and drive straight until the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania comes into sight. Drive into it.

The Motor Yacht Club is located at the Lindisfarne Bay entrance, so it offers sheltered anchorage for boats. These several boating facilities include facilities for slipping, refuelling, and launching.

The MYCT has a clubhouse that offers splendid views that look over the River Derwent, has great facilities for functions and indoor events, and offers spectacular catering function.

What Major Races Or Events Does Diana’s On the Derwent Hold?

  • East Cost Cup
  • Cock of the East Championship
  • Sparrow of the East Championship
  • The Mini Cock Championship
  • And lots of other title races

Please, note that:

  • The Diana’s on the Derwent races holds on only one day, Sunday 10th January 2021.
  • The series of competition holds at the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania, Granton, Tasmania.
  • Entrants of the races have to buy tickets at the gates of the venue.
  • We will examine all boats before being allowed to tread the competition waters.
  • Tractors will be available for pulling the boats in and out of the water.
  • All spectators, competitors, and personnel, are obligated to adhere to DHHS stipulated COVID-19 precautions. Masks are mandatory, and you must exercise social distancing.
  • Only registered vessels, competitors and personnel are allowed in the racing zones on the competitions’ days.
  • There are myriads of prizes and trophies to be awarded.
  • MYCT has an effective and effectible evacuation plan to be exercised in case of emergency.