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Eppalock Gold Cup

The Eppalock Gold Cup

The Eppalock Gold Cup is an annual boat-racing competition that holds on Lake Eppalock. The 2021 Eppalock Cup venue is at the Victorian Speed Boat Club Derrinal Pool, Lake Eppalock.

When Does the Eppalock Gold Cup Competition Hold?

The Eppalock Gold Cup holds for two days. Saturday 9th January to Sunday 10th January 2021. 

What Are the Requirements for General Admission?

To get into the competition grounds, it costs $15. For people who also intend to camp, it would cost them $10. But for children under 16, the camping fee is free!

How Do I Find the VSBC Derrinal Pool?

Travelling North-West from Heathcote out the McIvor Highway, around 4 kilometres, make a left turn onto Mia Mia-Derrinal Road. On this road, head-on until the road sweeps out to the left. The road on the right is Speedboat Road, and you need to follow this road.

While heading along this road, a gate will come into view, head straight towards it until the VSBC gates are seen. At every turn, however, there will be blue VSBC signs placed to guide you.

How Do I Locate the Victorian Speed Boat Club?

The VSBC is located at Lake Eppalock, in the Derrinal Pool near Heathcote. At this location, there is a Clubhouse building and racing headquarters. The VSBC is a popular arena for water sports, festivals and related festivities as their Eppalock site boasts a reasonable number of caravans and campsites. You can enjoy various water activities, like fishing, skiing, swimming, and speedboat racing here. 

Lake Eppalock is a large water body highly suited to boat-racing, so the VSBC is a good fit for such competitions. They have a great pit area, with tractors and undercover flyovers that could be rented for the weekends.

The Victorian Speed Boat Club offers a splendid view of an idyllic scene and all the sporting action. From its sloping banks, spectators can observer the entire course with a sweep, and just sit back and enjoy the mind-thrilling shows it has on offer.

What Major Races or Events Does the Eppalock Cup Hold?

The Championship race/s holding at VSBC, Lake Eppalock includes:

  • Victorian Speed Boat Club Gold Cup
  • Lawson Shield Round (6 Litre Hydroplane)

When will Trophies and Prizes Be Presented?

Trophies will be awarded on Saturday 9th January in the VSBC Clubhouse. Trophies will only be presented for the championship races.

Please, note that:

  • Only people and vessels that have been registered to participate in the Victoria Speed Boat Club race will be permitted to enter the zone. This takes effect between 7 am to 7 pm on the 9th and 10th of January. 
  • We will examine all boats before they would be allowed to ply the water on the competitions’ days. These tests involve testing runs and practice runs. All examination will be carried out within the pit areas. Examination of boats will only be available from 11 am till 5 pm on Friday, 8th January.
  • The pits will close at 7:30 am on Saturday 9th January.
  • Tractors will be available for pulling boats into, and out of the water. Tow cars will be removed from pit area once unloaded and only allowed back in it (the pit area) at the end of both days.
  • Adhering strictly to COVID 19 regulations, the VSBC canteen will be open for business.
  • All spectators, competitors, and personnel are obligated to adhere to DHHS stipulated COVID-19 precautions. Masks are mandatory, and You must exercise social distancing.