Henley Boat Races in Australia

Get Involved

Contributing to Our Success

From our various events such as our e-learning platform to our sailing programs, you can become part of us by sending an application to the information below. There are no strict criteria for selection, nor do we discriminate based on age, gender, race or colour.   

Why Should You Join Us?

We are the organiser of the annual Henley-on-Todd Regatta boat race. The race is a form of sailing on dry land in mock reference to the British racing culture during the colonial period.

Since 1962, we have consistently organised the fairest competition in Australia and gather hundreds of people to celebrate life and culture. Our events are enthralling and captivating and give you the best of experiences. Our competitions are tagged in different names such as “The Eights” “The Tubs (Oxford and Bath)” etc.


Apart from funds gathered from the sale of tickets for events, we are largely supported by volunteers. Most of our volunteers belong to the Rotary Clubs.

When you volunteer with us, you expose yourself to a lifetime experience of meeting new people, networking, and learning while having fun and creating a great CV outlook.

We are therefore sending an invitation to you to participate in our next activities. Furthermore, you can choose to become an officiating member of the race team. The Australian Sailing N.O.P (National Officiating program) has established a framework for admitting volunteers as race officials after a completed course.

Volunteering Jobs

As a volunteer, you can sign up as either one or two of the following:


We need coaches to supervise our games and mentor our teams for greatness. They are also responsible for controlling and organising all forms of sporting events. Coaching requires a certain level of skill and experience at work.

Youth Managers

We envisioned a youth mentoring program to strengthen our hope further to redefine our future. Youth Managers are therefore needed to cater to this cause. While some would serve as mentors, others would work towards putting this program together.

Website Manager

As the name implies, you would help us manage this space. With this, we could reach out to a lot more audience and receive and act on feedback. Volunteers applying for this position must have basic skills in content creation.

Welfare Manager

As a welfare manager, you are responsible for the well-being of member-teams and all volunteers.

Campaign Manager

We hold programs as often as possible. We also need to create publicity ahead of these programs. This is a job description for our campaign managers.

Event Manager

You will be in charge of planning, supervising and executing event plans.

Secretariat Volunteers

They perform secretariat works and take records of day to day running of the club and race festivals. They are in charge of incoming and outgoing mails and calls.

Race Officiating Members

These include Judges, Umpires, Measurer, Race officers. These jobs require some level of skills and expertise. While the judge concludes who wins a game, an umpire directs the game from the start to the end. A race officer also controls how the race is conducted.