Henley Boat Races in Australia

Govt Policies

The Government’s Policy

Government policies are regulatory instructions that check on our activities. They are a set of guidelines that rules out the game of racing at sea. Furthermore, government policies seek to protect sailors and race athletes and eliminate all forms of security threats. It ensures that supporting activities get performed by athletes under a regulated environment that promotes the continued existence of the sport.

Also, these policies are sponsored in the name of “Sport Integrity”.  Sports integrity simply refers to the security or safety of participants in a race. It also means an equal level of participation of all participants in a game.  To ensure the integrity of sport, we provide essential protective resources and ensure compliance with health instructions. This is in line with the regulations of the Federal Agency for Sports Integrity in Australia with whom we often partner with from time to time.

Current government policies on racing include:

Legislation on Anti-Doping

This is new legislation set to commence on January 1st, 2021. It is titled the “Australian National Anti-Doping Policy”.

What is Anti-Doping?

Doping refers to the illegal use of drugs or substance to improve one’s athletic performance. In a way, it could be referred to as cheating one’s way into performing excellently at a game. Hence, anti-doping is a form regulation that bans unlawful use of drugs for improved sports performance.

Drugs could be one bought from over the counter or from a pharmacist or one that’s even regarded as a supplement. Examples of such drugs are stimulants, narcotics, anabolic agents etc. All drugs to be used by athletes must be approved of.

Restrictions on Substance Intake

This is a common rule in most sports. In Australia, the restriction on drug or substance intake also applies to all athletic games. Therefore, we do not take lightly with violations of these rules. All athletes must comply with the rules guarding their health and safety.

Although in rare cases, exceptions are provided in the form of approval to permissions but only with a reasonable and logical explanation. Lastly, all members must take due diligence in the care of their well-being.

Insurance Plan

There are various insurance plans laid out by the National Insurance Brokers. All members are entitled to choose from these wide options of insurance schemes. Depending on what scheme you choose, insurance offers you an employee insurance benefits.

How to Report A Violation?

To ensure strict compliance with the above rules, we have set up this open complain platform to raise issues surrounding violations of these rules. Our channels are available to receive these complaints. We also have a system designed to respond to these complaints and treat them appropriately. Send a mail to the E-mail provided or fill out the form below: