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Rosevears Spectacular

The Rosevears Spectacular

The Rosevears Speedboat Spectacular is a speedboat racing event held along the Tamar River, Rosevears, Tasmania. The NWPBC (Nor-west Powerboat Club) offers a remarkable view of the picturesque Tamar River situated in Rosevears and allows for spectators to have an immersive experience of the action-filled high-adrenaline high-octane rating speedboat racing. It offers anchorage for boats and several other boating facilities. 

Where Does the Rosevears Spectacular Event Hold?

The Rosevears Spectacular races are run along the Tamar River in Rosevears, Tasmania. The venue is at the Nor-west Powerboat Club, NWPBC, Rosevears, Tasmania. 

When Does This Event Hold?

It is a one-day event, and it holds on Saturday 10th April 2021. The races commence at 10:00 am.

What Are the Requirements for Entry Into the Rosevears Speedboat Spectacular?

Entry fee is very likely at no cost. 

What Major Races Or Events Does the Easter Spectacular Hold?

  • Tasmanian Championships; and
  • Several other powerboating races divided into classes.

Please, note:

  • All spectators, competitors, and personnel, are obligated to adhere to DHHS stipulated COVID-19 precautions. Masks are mandatory, and you must exercise social distancing.
  • All dates, and venues, are tentative due to the sensitiveness of a pandemic period. The races could, therefore, be postponed or even cancelled.
  • Tractors will be available for pulling boats into, and out of the water. Tow cars will be removed from pit area once unloaded and only allowed back in it (the pit area) at the end of both days.
  • Only registered vessels, competitors and personnel are allowed in the racing zones on the competitions’ day.
  • Only authorised persons have access to the pit area.
  • We will examine all boats before being allowed to tread the competition waters.
  • Proper use should be made of the car parks.
  • Car park attendants will assist in car parking.
  • Queries, complaints, and concerns should be directed to ground personnel.
  • For safety reasons, only approved personnel are allowed in the pit area.
  • Racers are required to maintain safe speed levels.
  • The speedboats will ply the Tamar River in Rosevears.
  • The NWPBC offers boating facilities for slipping, refuelling, launching, and sheltered anchorage.
  • Spectators who bring food and drinks with them are implored to pick up after themselves.
  • Catering services are available in the club.
  • Public toilets are available for spectators in the venue of the races.
  • The races commence at 10:00 am.