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Sailing at Henley

To one person, sailing is a business or profession. To another, it is a mere pastime and hobby. Either way, sailing leaves you with a feeling of excitement and freshness. It is a form of sport for all individuals across the world regardless of any class of distinction.

Why People Sail?

You can attain several benefits with sailing, and these could be attributed as some of the reasons while people sail. Some of them are:

It Increases Your Level of Perseverance and Strength

It boosts your strength by pulling on your muscle in the form of an exercise. On the other hand, it trains you to endure any feeling because it usually involves activities demanding patience. These activities include hoisting and pulling a sail to drive a boat or yacht.

It Is A Form of Exercise

We could never mention the importance of exercising enough. It is integral to the overall well-being of the human body. Sailing, although can be a craft can as well be adopted as a hobby or a favourite pastime to stretch out one’s muscles and relax the body in general.

It Exudes the Ambience of the Sea

Although the waves of the sea could sometimes mean otherwise, you often experience calmness at sea. Scientists have also proven that seawater’s saltiness injects the body and improves the mental well-being of an individual.

It Improves Your Coordination Skills

Sailing involves a captain and his crew. Sailing trains you to communicate better with other members of the crew. As a captain, you are saddled with a heavy responsibility of coordination.

It Widens Your Scope of Learning

Mathematics. Engineering. Science. Sailing deals with all these fields of life. As a sailor, you must hone a basic knowledge of one or two of the subjects mentioned above. However, constant practice at sea reveals other aspects that may not be common knowledge. This form of learning can also influence your driving skills on roads.

Other benefits include:

  • It teaches spatial skills
  • It helps to reduce stress

Training at Henley

There is the freedom to join our training sessions to teach the nitty-gritty of sailing and other forms of water activities. Our course outline has been formulated to cover:

  • Introduction to sailing
  • Other water activities
  • Sailing
  • Safety in sailing
  • Skills in boat racing etc.

At Henley, we are equipped with great sailing resources to give you an enjoyable ride.

Sailing at Henley

Sailing at Henley means two things: Learning while having fun and creating beautiful memories. We sail two times in a week except for some random days. We operate a small sailing club with reputable persons as members. You also enjoy a wide range of benefits as a member, helping you attain certain feats in sailing.

We offer various options for sailing programs that turn a novice into a professional. All courses are practical. We have been commended greatly over the years for our professional services. More so, our level of women engagement in the sport shows we detest discrimination of any sort.