Henley Boat Races in Australia


Developing Our Youths

You are regarded as a youth when you are in your adolescent age. It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Youth is usually between fifteen (15) and twenty-three (23).  Hence, it is often said that the youths are the heart of a nation and a factor that largely determines any community’s future. At Henley, we provide services that involve youths grooming through a program. Our programs cut across the following categories.

Youth Training Scheme

Our youth programs cover all investment projects expended on the youths. We acknowledge their past, present and future relevance in the community and therefore, look forward to a better future. Our youth programs cover three essential aspects of life which are:


Education is the most priceless gift we can ever give to the upcoming generation. It not only injects knowledge but also gives a sense of responsibility. It’s a call to action to prepare for the future.

We offer various courses in a conducive learning environment equipped with vast learning materials and resources. We also run several programs to enable students to choose from a wide range of options. We not only believe in sound learning but good character. Our form of learning is tailored this way.

Sports Development

Henley is essentially about boat race – sailing, which is considered a form of sport. Our teams are made up of adults and young ones. More importantly, we do not treat a category partially at the expense of another. Therefore, we uphold equality and fairness in our games.

Our youth population are trained under the tutelage of a great coach and under supervision by the youths’ team manager who is usually a volunteer. We also incorporate you into our sports sailing club once you have attained the requirements.

Personal and Social Development

Personal development can be enhanced through effective communication, good interpersonal relationship, having a great sense of organisation, high self-esteem, confidence, and leadership.

It is not only about education and sports but a lot of other things. This is the brain behind our personal and social development programs. We organise talks, conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events to improve all youths’ personal growth at Henley. In the end, we put them on a test to see how the training has impacted their abilities, capabilities, behaviour and essentially their thinking skills.

We are funded through sales of tickets from some of our events and donations. We welcome contributions in any way from you. Kindly reach out to us with our e-mail provided below.

Youth Sailing Training

Unlike putting up youths for competitions and rival games, this involves a training session. Activities in training include surfing of winds, powerboating, keeping boats, and other adventurous water activities. These activities are often under the tutelage of a skilled coach.

Aims and Objectives

Through our youth’s participation in racing sports, we hope to:

  • To increase youths’ participation in sports at all levels
  • To encourage indifferent persons to engage in a skill
  • To promote the art of sailing
  • To provide a non-competitive platform for safe games
  • To reach out to individuals
  • To form social relationship among youths

For enquiries or to join our youth training team, send a mail to the e-mail provided below. We look forward to meeting you.